Sunday, October 11, 2009

Favorite art

Art truly has the power to transform a space! It affects the space in a profound way, so when selecting what to hang on your walls, make it personal. Art in a home environmen is different that art in general. While art in general should move us, touch our hearts in one way or the other, most people like art that bring out good feelings for their homes. What that is, is as different as there are people. Myself, I tend to like abstract art. To me, there is something soothing about abstract art, even some of the abstract expressionst masters, like Franz Kline or Jackson Pollack, has that effect on me. But there is one artist that I always come back to, and there is nobody like him; Henri Matisse. Matisse was the master of color and shape, and I think I like absolutely everything he did! Here are some of my favorites.